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este prezentă pe piața poloneză începând cu anul 1989, această țară fiind una în care vânatul are o tradiție de sute de ani. Lunetele proprii sunt fabricate în Japonia, cu cele mai mari exigențe de calitate, la un preț competitiv.
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Binoclu Delta Chase 12x50 ED
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Binoclu Delta Chase 12x50 ED
1680.00 RON
1285.00 RON
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These are great binoculars for daytime viewing, especially recommended for hunters for identifying the antlers of game. They can also be used as universal binoculars by all those who expect high detail of the image. These binoculars are almost devoid of chromatic aberration, have a relatively large field of view with the correct focus almost to the edge of the image. Despite such high magnification, 12x50 ED model is pretty comfortable and not too heavy as it weighs only 890 grams.

Carefully selected high-quality glass and a redesigned optical system result in binoculars offering picture of much better quality than other binoculars in a similar price range. All Chase binoculars have low-dispersion ED glass lenses which guarantee low chromatic aberration while maintaining moderate dimensions. These binoculars have an impressive field of view, corrected to a much greater extent than in those previously produced models. They are roof prism binoculars with inner focusing system. Their body is robust and completely waterproof. Chase binoculars provide staggering images with very high detail and rich colors and allow to see details invisible through binoculars of lower quality.
  • Diametrul obiectivului: 50mm
  • Puterea de marire: 12x
  • Sistem de focalizare: Central
  • Distanta minima de focalizare: 3m
  • Camp vizual real: 5,3 grade
  • Camp vizual real la 1000m: 93m
  • Diametrul pupilei de iesire: 4.2mm
  • Ocular relief: 17,0mm
  • Factor crepuscular: 24,5
  • Luminozitate: 17,4
  • Sistem Prisme: roof
  • Material Prisme: BaK4
  • Umplut cu azot: da
  • Greutate: 890 grame
  • Alte accesorii: geanta de transport
  • Garanţie: 2 ani