Firma Delta Optical
este prezentă pe piața poloneză începând cu anul 1989, această țară fiind una în care vânatul are o tradiție de sute de ani. Lunetele proprii sunt fabricate în Japonia, cu cele mai mari exigențe de calitate, la un preț competitiv.
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Dispozitiv de Ochire Delta Optical EntryDOT set
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Dispozitiv de Ochire Delta Optical EntryDOT set
595.00 RON
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Delta Optical EntryDot collimator is the latest in the market. Small, closed optical viewfinder production Delta Optical, thanks to precision guarantees the reliability and accuracy of shots and a full review of the backlog. The diameter of the luminous point gunner size 2 MOA is perfectly matched dimension recommended by experienced shooters.

Intensity control knob allows you to adjust the brightness jedenastostopniowej point gunner. Battery replacement is seamless and instant. The collimator is surprisingly easy to install and przystrzelaniu. Thanks to the closed design is resistant to water and snow. Optical device is provided with a mounting rail Weaver 22 mm, it is possible to quickly and easily remove the installed base assembly and its replacement.

Kolimaotra EntryDot big advantage is its weight of only 140 g. The strength of the 4000 J. parallax error corrected at a distance of 50 m.
Reflex Sight Optical EntryDOT Delta - the most important features:
  • closed design, designed for aiming binocular
  • Manual adjustment of lighting using the knob located on the right side of the machine
  • 11 levels of brightness point gunner
  • unrestricted vision
  • easy battery replacement
  • precise adjustment of the position of the sighting
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • weight 140 g
  • Garanţie: 2 ani